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Dressing your wedding invitation with our unique ideas.

We are aware that you already have a lot of ideas and very creative with invites. Nevertheless, are you and your partner confused about deciding the best 'add-ons' to incorporate with your wedding invite? We bring to you the top most popular styles that is for sure to give you an 'oomph' factor to your wedding card. You can simply ask us and we will customise this according to your wedding theme or colour. We also have a wide variety to choose from.

1. Simple Classic Bow

Make your guests feel special by letting them unwrap the invite with this simple classic 'Satin' bow. This is by far the traditional one and personally we love it too. You can choose the width of the ribbon to pair with your style. You could add a thinner one for an informal theme and a broader one for a formal feel. Here, we have paired it with the 'laser cut gate-fold'.

2. Seal

The Seal 'add-on' truly gives a luxurious looks to your invite. The guests will have a hard time taking their eyes off this stylish Seal on your invite. You could have them placed on the gate-fold insert or on the outer envelope as a seal. Consider this a beautiful ensemble to your invitation.

3. Tassel

A classic mix of contemporary design paired with the Indian traditional touch. Selecting a relevant colour of the tassel that contrasts the wedding can really alter the look and elevate the design. This embellishment is for sure to make the card pop and gives you the Indian vibe.

4. Double Ribbon Bow

This is the upscale version of the Simple classic bow. They add a feel which is beyond beautiful to your invitation. Our pretty purple floral invite literally invites you to open them. And the ribbon definitely adds double excitement to it.

5. Band

Also called as the Belly Band, you can complete your wedding invite with the band wrapped on it. You can either have them inside or on the outer cover too. In this invite, we have designed the band to incorporate their initials. We also suggest to add a small detail, probably an embellishment either which can be looped through or stuck on the band to enhance the look of it.

6. Lace

Want explore different instead texture in the invitation?Check our recycled board jute folder with white lace and jute rope tied around. This is juxtaposed with a wooden 'name engrave' plate. If you are looking for something rustic, we recommend this lace add-on as it truly goes well with the Burlap invite.

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