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Pre Designed Wedding card verses Customised Wedding Invite

The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person and the secret of a successful wedding plan is choosing the right invitation. We choose the best date, the best theme, best garment and the best person to spend life with. Then why not choose the best invitation made for you and only you! Wedding invitations are the numero uno impression of your wedding day and giving you the palette to paint the invite for your special day is what we do at the Lotus. So what are you waiting for? Think of getting it personal!

5 reasons why should you consider a Custom Wedding Invitation?

1. The Event - A plan is set for a once in a lifetime event, destination wedding, a wedding weekend plans, amazing theme, a spectacular location. Then why not an amazing wedding card? All great reasons to hire someone who can create an invitation that will communicate everything you need to your guests, and do it with impeccable style.

2. Tips & Tricks - Lost when figuring out when, where and what are the inviting etiquettes and formalities? Well, just relax and take a deep breath, because a custom invitation designer is a fantastic resource to guide to a hassle free journey and you have an expert at your service.

3. The Relationship - At Lotus we take pride in getting to know you, to care about what matters to you and give you an experience that helps to relieve your stress and enjoy every moment of your journey with us.

4. The Low-Down Market trends: Wedding cards has been an inevitable business. When you are spending humongous amount of money on you wedding cards, then why pay for pre-designed cards not made for you? This is where custom wedding invitations play a crucial role and help you get the best value for your dreams, emotions, time and money.

5. The Details - The nuances of fonts, its style and size, the cover design and the feeling the card exudes is something a predesigned card will not be able to offer, not because they don’t have good designs but because they are monotonous and not made for you..

Lotus - a premium custom wedding invitations designer boutique which caters to the ever-changing needs of wedding clients. We are located 9/5, Coats road (near GRT), T Nagar, Chennai

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