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Vibrant Wedding Cards for this season

This Wedding season if you are going to choose one of those scintillating wedding cards then there will be a lot of questions hovering your mind about the colour, the design, shape, etc.. The wedding card you choose should capture and evoke the mood of your D’day…

The challenge is to select a pleasing card, as pleasant as you and your partner. At Lotus- the Exclusive Invitation we understand that our clients have an exceptional choice and we have put together a few exquisite collections.

Have a look at them…..

Magic of blue with Autumn Flowers and Rustic Finish Craft Envelope an Ideal Pick for personalised Invite:

Blue is one of the most ravishing colours. But blue needs to be combined with proper colours and fonts. Below is the blue wedding card combined with Pale Cyan coloured floral designs on it. The fonts are also inked in same colour, altogether this colour will mesmerise the guest of the wedding.

Pastel coloured wedding invitations:

The pastel shades, those are the soft colours which can be used for weddings. The peach tones will be a good choice for your wedding with golden or dark coloured ink on the base. This card design will give you an extravagant blend and will be impressing your guest to the fullest.

The Flowery Purple:

If you’re looking for something different, this color manages to make a perfect one for your wedding card.The purple shades is associated with royalty & luxury. Have a look at this purple and white card with floral designs, with contrast colour inked on the base.

Bright Colour Cards:

Bright wedding cards are bang on trend. A splash of colors looks simply stylish and makes a real style statement. Capture your well wishers eyes with these lovely collections. These bright wedding cards will suit more contemporary style of celebration from city glamour to county side wedding.

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